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References 2018

Client Reference

01: Nicolas Mr from Spain.
Everest Chola Pass Trekking 17 Feb 2018.


02: Gareth Hawkings, Lewis Pilkington, Colin Alexander Stewart, Abdul Haque, Ian Anthony Cunliffe, Michael Clive Phillipps, Peter Michael Cain

Changunarayan-Nagarkot-Dhulikhel Hikking. 23 Feb 2018.

"Well run, organised trip, Guaynendra is a legend !".

A group of 7 friends used Adventure Treks Nepal for a short trip in Kathmandu and 2 day Trek.

Hotels were great, transfers prompt and reliable, on the the trek, food was ready and waiting for us throughout. The route had stunning views and above all, our guide, Guaynendra was just a fun guy to be around!

Highly recommended, from all of us.

Clive - UK


Comments: "Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hiking"

I have been using Adventure Treks Nepal for 5 years and they have never disappointed. Always very helpful, professional and friendly. Travelled with a group of 6 friends for this short trek, maybe not one of the 'big treks' out there, but perfect for those with little time and wanting a taste of hiking in Nepal with a great view of the Himlayan range. Thanks go out again to Gyan and Gyanendra for making my trip and my friends an enjoyable one.

Pete - UK

Comments: "Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hiking"

7 guys (all of varying ages between 30 - 40) dared to trek in Nepal for 2 days. Gyanendra was our trusted guide who helped guide our group safely across different terrains and heights to successfully complete our trek. During a particularly low point in the trek where me and one of the guys had zero energy, pretty much feeling defeated and slumped on the ground, Gyanendra picked up both our rucksacks and carried it for us for atleast half an hour, he helped push us to find that extra energy to carry on and complete the trek! He went out of his way to ensure everyone in the group had a amazing journey throughout the 2 day trek :)


03: Simon Mr. From UK.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking . 07 March 2018.

Comments: "Great trip and no problems"

I did a 5 day trek with Poon Hill being the highlight. Trek was awesome and my guide Romesh was great. There are a lot of companies offering this service, but these ones had a very keen price and they did a great job. I would use them again.

Visited March 2017

04: Amy Ms and Frank Mr from USA
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking with Chitwan National Park. 12 March 2018.

"They took are of it all and provided a great experience"

Adventure Treks Nepal planned out visit to Katmandu, Poon Hill, and Chitwan National Park. They were extremely accommodating and their communication was always there. They planned the whole trip and did a complete job in doing so. It was just a guide, porter with my daughter and I. They seemed to just know when to be there and when to leave us on our own. I would highly recommend this company if you plan on going trekking in Nepal. "DANA FRANK".

Amazing Father/Daughter Trekking and Safari Adventure to Nepal.

My dad, 68, and I, 38, traveled to Nepal with Adventure Treks Nepal in March 2018. We did a 6 day Poon Hill trek, 3 day Chitwan safari and 1 day Kathmandu city tour. I have traveled fairly extensively on my own, while my parents usually travel on organized tours. ATN provided the perfect balance between these 2 travel types so we were both incredibly comfortable and confident with the plan, while also being excited! ATN was great to work with from the first email I sent. They responded immediately, and with all the information to my numerous questions! While in Nepal, our satisfaction with ATN only increased. Our guide was very informative and made sure we always knew the plan. The accomodations were lovely and everything they arranged was great! I appreciated that ATN was really flexible to work with our dates and interests, and provided different pricing options for us to consider. Thank you ATN for organizing a trip that my dad and I will remember fondly forever! "Amy".

05: Petro and Dmytro Mr from Ukrain..
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking. 17 March 2018.

"Anapurna trekking"

It was amazing trip. Excellent organizations from arrival till departure. Highly recommended our guide Gyanendra. We have great tour.

06: Wanida Ms, Supannee Ms, Suchoda MS and Saay Mr from Thailand.
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking. 23 March 2018.


07: Sam and Monica from Newzeland.
Everest Base Camp Trekking . 23 March 2018.


08 Lars Erik Mr and Kiriaki Ms from Sweden.
Annapurna Base campTrekking . 29 Mar 2018.

18 days trip and trekking i Nepal with a very professional company! All preparations was perfect, even in smallest details. And the guide and porters was excellent in their support and service. We also got much god information about the country and how peoples lives in the mountains and in the cites. We have experiences and learned a lot. Best recommendations to the this company! Lars from Sweden .


Comments: "Pensioner"

Thanks for a great trip. a serious, committed companies. We have been in Nepal for 18 days and has received the best service. Safe, exciting and informative journey. Trekking was conducted with professional guide and porters. Thanks Gyanedra and Bishnu. In Kathmandu had an interesting guide about the country's culture. A wonderful guide, knowledgeable and committed. Very interesting to see how people in the town and mountain living.

Thank you for your leads to Gyan enterprises in a modern and committed way.

Best Regards.
Kiraki from Sweden ..

09: Matthew Peter Mr from UK.
Annapurna Base campTrekking . 02 April 2018.


10: Velia (Spain) and Marketa (Czech) .
Ghorepani Ponhill Trekking . 07 April 2017.

" Not just a trek but also an inside into the culture, history and people".

With a friend we started out our Nepal experience in Pokhara with a four-day trek to Poon Hill, where we had just the right amount of physical activity, lovely views!, lovely food and along the trek or in the evenings also inputs about Nepal's culture, history and present days... We strongly recommend Adventure Treks Nepal because they thought about everything, they arranged everything perfectly and not only did we have fun in the nature, we also learnt something new every day! Marketa.

11: Janice and Wendy from USA.
Ghorepani Ponhill Trekking . 10 April 2017..

" Trekking in Nepal "

We did The Poon hill Trek in Nepal. Our trip was thrown together, by us, quite quickly. Adventure Treks Nepal took care of everything. Our guide, Gyanendra, was very knowledgeable about the are and kept us going. Around every bend was a different vista, whether the Mountains,villages or just the beauty of the trail. We did a 6 day trek in 4 days and put in 2 very long days, but always made our destination before the rain. Thanks so much to Adventure Treks Nepal for a great trek. Janice.

Comments: " Amazing Experience!"

A friend and I scheduled with our guide, Gyanendra, to do the Poon hill trek. Due to some unforeseen complications, we had to start the trek a day late. Our guide adjusted the schedule according to our wants and capacity. While still allowing for us to go at our pace, Gyanendra was always able to control the timing of the day's activities to make certain we arrived at our destinations before the afternoon rain. We always stayed in comfortable rooms and had the luxury of a private shower (something I had not expected, but certainly appreciated). The scenery was ever-changing and at every turn, breathtaking. I came hoping to see the Himalayan skyline and experienced so much more. Starting with terraced pastoral farmlands, on to monkey and water-filled jungles, until we reached the rhododendron forested hills which swept our eyes up to views of Anna Purna and the surrounding peaks.

In short, I didn't expect everything to run so smoothly, but it did. Gyanendra is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have the experience of a lifetime trekking in Nepal. Wendy.

12: Johana New Zeland and James from Australia.
Everest Gokyo Trekking. 07 April 2018.


13: William and Rachel from USA.
Manaslu Trekking . 05 April 2017.


14: Brad and John from USA.
Everest Base Camp Trekking. 11April 2018.

Comments: "
Everest Base Camp Trek (April 2018)"

This was our second time with Adventure Treks and, again, we couldn't have asked for a better, more personalized trek. Everything was very well planned and Ramesh was a rock star guide. We had a great time and will absolutely pick Adventure Treks Nepal again. John

15: Emma, David, Rachel and Naomi from Australia.
Annapurna Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking . 21 April 2018.


16: Tomas and Marilou from Sweden.
Ghorepani and Mardi Himala Trekking. 14 April 2018.

Comments: Trek To Poon Hill and Mardi Himal

Namaste! Me and my wife went on a trek that "Adventure treks Nepal" arranged. It was a 11 days trek including Poon Hill and Mardi Himal. We were picked up by Gyan Kari at the airport. Gyan showed to be a guy that always had a smile on his face and was very helpful. In Pokhara we met our guide Gyanendra Karki and our porter Khil Prasad Bhatta. Both were amazingly good. Gyanendra was always happy and helpful. He came with some suggestions to change our itinerary which showed better than we (me and my wife) planed from the beginning. Khil was also very nice and it was amazing to see how he carried our bags and still kept being happy and smiling. Gyanendra and Khil seemed to have a very good time together and it was obvious that they had worked a lot together, and that was good to see as well.

Both of them did thier best to give us a good time, and they certainly succeeomdmeded!!

We can certainly recommend "Adventure Treks Nepal" and Gyanendra as a guide and Khil as a porter. We are already planning our next trek in Nepal with them. "Tomas".

Comments: "Mardi Himal, Poon Hill trek. Marilou & Tomas Klbrant from Sweden".

Namaste! My husband and i had our trekking trip of our lifes thanks to our guide Gyanendra and our porter Khil at Adventure Treks Nepal. We had a fantastic trekking trip on 11 wonderful days including Poon Hill and Mardi Himal. It was a trip of a life time! We appreciate the extra effort Gyanendra made like taking pictures of my husband and me, with his own mobile camera and tried to capture the moments and the scenery along our whole trek. Gyanendra sent all the pictures and films to us after the trek. We had also sightseeing days in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Gyanendra have very good knowledges about the history, religion and the places we visited...not only about the mountains but also big cities. We shall absolutely book our next trek in Nepal with the Adventure Treks Nepal and if possible reguest for Gyanendra and Khil. Both were very professional, service minded, energetic, helpful and reliable. We definitely recommend the Adventure Treks Nepal. "Marilou".

17: Emad and Atarji from Saudi Arebia.
Everest Base Camp Trekking. 20 April 2018.


18: Aishah and Mardiyah from Singapore.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking. 30 April 2018.

Comments: Trek to Poon Hill
My sister and I had a memorable time doing the Poon Hill trek. Our guide Gyanendra was very experienced and knowledgeable. He was very helpful in getting us rooms with inbuilt bathroom and room with the best view. He was also knowledgeable and shared with us regarding the history and culture behind the places we trek so our trek was more meaningful. Plus he was a good photographer and helped us capture our moments during the trek. I'll definitely take him for my future treks and recommend him for others. Aishah.

Comments: Review for Poonhill Trek

Our guide Gyanendra, is very experienced and allowed us to go at our own pace, but at the same time giving us a lot of encouragement and helping us a lot in terms of accomodation. He is very knowledgeable in the history of Nepal and is always there to help. I would recommend him and this trekking company if you are thinking of trekking in Nepal. I had a great experience and would definitely come back. Mardiyah.

19: Magali Ms and Pierre Mr from Sweitzerland.
Gosainkunda Lake Trekking. 28 April 2018.


20:Emilie and Anja from Denmark.
Everest Base Camp and GokyoTrekking. 27 April 2018.

"Walk to EBC and Gokyo"

My friend and I booked at trip to go to EBC and Gokyo Lake. We were extremely pleased with all the wonderful help, we got from Adventure Treks Nepal. We could not have done it without. Everything was taken care of, we were always well informed, and we had the sweetest guide in the mountains. I cannot recommend it enough! :) It is a trip of a life time. Anja

Comments: "Best trekking company in Nepal"

Adventure Treks is a super nice trekking company, the best youll find in Nepal. The price is cheap compared to other places and the people are so sweet and helpful. When we booked our trip they were very flexible and able to meet all our request regarding the trip. It was all very easy both with getting in contact through email or phone and with payment. During the trek we felt very much taken care of. We had the best trip to Everest Basecamp and Gokyo and Ill recommend Adventure Treks to everybody. Emilie

21: Audrey from france and Ramamurthy from India.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking. 04 May 2018.


22: Hazem, Ali, Mohamed, Youhana and Walid from Egypt.
Rafting and Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking. 05 May 2018.

"Annapurna Poonhill Trek"

One of the best times of my life. Adventure Treks Nepal are very professional and the hotels and teahouses we stayed at that they booked for us are the best there. Bhuwan is a very informative super guide, and also a great friend! The porters are very keen to help you in every situation and every time and they are always happy and smiling. Nepal is really a very wonderful place and the scenery of the mountains is just amazing! If you ever want to trek through the Himalayas or explore the fascination of the mountains, then Adventure Treks Nepal are the best! Youhana.

Comments: "Trip to heaven"

It was a dream trip.. people are so kind , more then kind, they help in happiness, the trip was very safe and very enjoyable. Food was amazing weather is great. I came back with huge Photography. Mohamed.

Comments: "Ghorepani poonhill trekking 09"

" It was one of my best days in my life".

Adventure, views and isolation from all artificial world

I enjoyed the nature and I was in big challenge with myself if I can make the trekking for the first time, really they helped me a lot without their support I couldnt make it

This guys made my life more easy in the trip

Thanks and best of luck . Walid.


23: Ashok Dahybhai Patel and Vijaykumar Bhanubhai Patel from USA.
Annapurna Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking. 07 May 2018.

"Annapurna trek"

Had an Amazing 5 days with our guide Gyanendra Karki .
He was very attentive to our needs , even changed the hike so we could get to Pokhara and stay in the nice hotel .
I would highly recommend this agency and the guide for your Nepal trip Vijaykumar Bhanubhai Patel

24: Amanda from Australia.
Everest 03 High Passasess Trekking. 02 May 2018.

Comments: "3 high passes with Everest base camp, gokyo to Kala pitar and mardi himal"

I did 2 treks this holiday the 1st 3 high passes by myself and 2nd with my daughter, son in law and yo granddaughter

Adventure Treks gave me a fantastic holiday again! Jit who was my porter 8 years ago was my porter/guide for the 3 high passes trek, we were really pleased to see each other again and Jit was wonderful to me and so patient. Unfortunately I had pneumonia during this trek but Jit allowed me to achieve what I really wanted to do and offered evacuation by helicopter but when I refused he ensured that I got to hospital at Namche and did everything he could to help me and ensured despite cancelled flights out of Lucla (due to weather) that I was out on the 1st flight on the day we were scheduled to leave!

The second trek with the family was terrific and very different! Karma our guide has taken my daughter and son in law on many other treks and this time had more than won my granddaughter s confidence, she wanted Karma to give her shoulder rides most of the time or hold her hand and help her over rocks whilst walking. Karma also "had to play" whilst at tea houses and all other times! The 2 porters we had on this trek also happily played with Bella and although their English was limited they won her confidence! We all had a wonderful time! Adventure Treks arranged all drop offs and pickups from airports and we were treated to a home cooked Nepalese meal with a Daal bhaat cooking lesson.

The views and people of Nepal are wonderful so by doing tours either by yourself or with just your own group you ensure maximum flexibility and safety.
This being my son in law and daughters 6th trip with Adventure Treks and my 2nd is testiment to how much we have enjoyed our treks and .how much we trust the company! I will be back to do more treks and hope to incorporate my next for my 60th birthday with competing (slowly) the Everest 1/2 marathon.
Amanda, Australia.

25: Aaron, Kathryn, Hunter, Brandon, Lane, Marion, William, James, Ashley, Rilee, Jakob, Tanner, Adrianne, Mckinley, Anders, Steven, and Shilpa from USA and Nepal.
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking. 18 May 2018.

Comments: " Wonderful guide and amazing experience trekking to ABC"

We had a large group with varying degrees experience, but Gyanendra was great at making plans that would work for everyone. He really went above and beyond to keep us happy and safe. Our porters and guides were fantastic and our trip to Annapurna Base Camp was so fun and memorable. If I ever go back to do another trek I will certainly use Adventure Treks Nepal again! Kathryn,



Comments: " Great experience for first time trekker!"

Annapurna Base Camp 7 day trek - I've never done any long distance hiking or backpacking before so I was a little bit nervous to take on such a trek. I'm not sure of the exact distance, but it was longer and more difficult than any hiking I've ever done before. That being said, the only negative on this experience was that I wish I would've trained more before going. Other than that the experience was amazing. Gyanendra (our guide - request him!) and his assistants as well as the porters made our group experience unforgettable.Their hospitality exceeded expectations. If you're thinking about going contact these people and they'll make it worth the stresses of travel. Thank you, Adventure Treks Nepal, Gyanendra, Gyan, Kiel, and others!Hunter,



Comments: "Incredible experience with great service"

Gyanendra is a very cheerful, and knowledgeable guide with a fantastic team of porters. They helped create a fun and organized 7-day Annapurna Base Camp trek and motivated everyone in the group.Marion,



Comments: " Best guides and breathtaking trek to Annapurna Base Camp"

The 7 day Annapurna Base Camp trek with Gyanendra and his experiences team of porters was a once in a lifetime experience. They arranged everything including lodging and food. Be warned that the trek is difficult, but the experience of overcoming adversity and making it to ABC is so worth it. I was very sick for the first couple of days and was worried that I wouldn't make it. Gyanendra left his assistant guide Khil with me. Khil stayed with me every step of the way. Gyanendra's nightly briefings were a highlight of the trip and I will never forget it. When I come back to Nepal, I will definitely be using this service. Rilee,


Comments: "Excellent guide service for Annapurna Base Camp trek..."

The 7-day Annapurna base camp trek with Gyanendra Karki and his team was an amazing experience. Gyanendra is a very experienced guide. The porters were amazing to work with. I would definitely use them again. James.

Comments: "Absolute best guide service"

It is great to not have to search for a guide service again in Nepal. We just completed our 3rd trek with Adventure Treks Nepal. Gyan is fantastic. He is very responsive to emails which is extremely important when booking a trip overseas. We love Gyanendra. My kids really love his humor and expertise in the mountain. I pay close attention to other groups and their guides and porters. Our were much happier and more pleasant than any others. And amazingly strong when needed- and we needed them a lot for our group of 17. Excellent price and we just get to kick back and enjoy the little bit up and little bit down. Steven.

Comments: Amazing Adventure to ABC
Gyanendra Karki is the best guide to ABC! ABC was a hard trek but so worth it. Once your up in the mountain its candy for the eyes. One of the best trips Ive been on thanks to the guide and porter for working out kinks and helping us feel as comfortable on the trek as we could! Brandon,


Comments: Incredible Crew & Views

Adventure Treks Nepal and Gyanendra made our adventure so memorable and worthwhile! We were a group of 17 and all of us made it to the top of ABC (Which is amazing!). Would highly recommend going with this trekking company based on trust alone. They made us feel so safe and taken care of the entire time. Amazing adventure that I soon will not forget. Lane.

Comments: Wonderful guide service

Adventure Treks Nepal has provided great experiences for our family. We have had the pleasure of having Gyanendra as a guide on three separate occasions, and we are already planning our next trip. We have come across several different guides during our time in Nepal, and Gyanendra and his crew are the best that we have seen. Gyanendra is very friendly and knowledgeable. He does his best to give you the best mountain experiences. He hires the hardest working porters and they like working for him. While we have just taken family on two previous trips, this past trek we invited college students and faculty to join us. We had a group of 17, and Gyanendra and his crew did a great job with the large group. It was great to know that we had an experienced group of guides and porters that could cover the variety of needs of individuals hiking to ABC. Gyan, the owner of Adventure Treks Nepal, was also very clear and responsive to my husband as he set up the trek. We have recommended ATN to several family and friends that have also had great experiences with Gyanendra as their guide. Adrianne.


Comments: Impressive Team

Gyanendra Karki is a really good guide and well experienced too. He has an amazing team of porters with him. He along with his group is very dedicated towards their work. We were in a group of 17. They made sure each of us is safe and took care of our comfort as well. Shilpa.

26: Emilee, Travis and Gran from USA.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking. 27 May 2018.


27: Ryan, Emily, Bella and Amanda from Australia.
Mardi Himal Trekking Trekking. 23 May 2018.



Comments: The second trek with the family was terrific and very different! Karma our guide has taken my daughter and son in law on many other treks and this time had more than won my granddaughter s confidence, she wanted Karma to give her shoulder rides most of the time or hold her hand and help her over rocks whilst walking. Karma also "had to play" whilst at tea houses and all other times! The 2 porters we had on this trek also happily played with Bella and although their English was limited they won her confidence! We all had a wonderful time! Adventure Treks arranged all drop offs and pickups from airports and we were treated to a home cooked Nepalese meal with a Daal bhaat cooking lesson.

The views and people of Nepal are wonderful so by doing tours either by yourself or with just your own group you ensure maximum flexibility and safety.

This being my son in law and daughters 6th trip with Adventure Treks and my 2nd is testiment to how much we have enjoyed our treks and .how much we trust the company! I will be back to do more treks and hope to incorporate my next for my 60th birthday with competing (slowly) the Everest 1/2 marathon.
Amanda, Australia.

28: Carol and Philippa from Australia.
Everest Panorama Trekking. 28 May 2018.



29: Jamie Cole Hmilton from UK.
Tilicho Lake with Annapurna Circuit Trekking. 28 July 2018.

Comments: "A Great Hassle-free Way to Visit Nepal"

I contacted ATN after a good online review and they did not disappoint. Everything was organised for me making it easy to get in and around Kathmandu. I recieved a warm welcome at the airport and met my guide at the hotel.

Side trips were offered and organised, again with warm friendly staff.

My 15 day trek was fantastic, my guide was such a cheerful and considerate guy who carried my stuff all over the mountains - thanks.
The choices of hotels was great and any hiccups were dealt with quickly (my fault).

Thank you Adventure Treks Nepal for a great trip !

30: Gabriele Nanni and Vincenzo Lorusso from Italy.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking with Bandipur Chitwan. 18 June 2018.



31: Ivan Pascual Mr, Adria Boix Mr and Caroline Lopez Ms from Spain.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking wirh Chitwan National Park. 28 July 2018.

"Annapurna Region Trek"

100% Recommendable.
I travelled with a couple of friends this last August (2018) to Nepal, and we found this agency to trek with. They had experienced people that will guide you through your desired trek.

The guide we had, Gyanendra, is incredible! Ask for him, if possible. He understood us completely, and he was able to adjust the itinerary based on our needs and expectations. Besides this, he was always able to explain us additional info about everything we asked from Nepal. Also, after the trek, we organized with them other activities, and it was always easy to do so.Adria.


Comments: "Anapurna panorama trek"

I travelled with a couple of friends this last July (2018) to Nepal, and we found this agency to trek with. The guide we had, Gyanendra, is incredible! He understood us completely, and he was able to adjust the itinerary based on our needs and expectations. Besides this, he was always able to explain us additional info about everything we asked from Nepal. 100% Recommendable. Also, after the trek, we organized with them other activities, and it was always easy to do so.

Thanks so much, Ivan Pascual Mr

32: Sandri and Valentina from Italy.
Cultura tour with Sarangkot Trekking . Aug 05 2018.


33: Adam and From Australia.
Hikking and sightseeing around Kathmandu . Aug 06 2018.


Out of all the places we had emailed to book trekking for our visit to Nepal, ATN where the only ones to come back at lightning speed via email! They made the process to easy and simple that it didn't require and work.

Our guide Gyanendra is worth his weight in Gold. He is very funny and very informative! He makes the whole trip feel like he is your relative or close friend, not some random guide. You will be blessed to have him as your guide! He did many things above and beyond for me which no other guide would do! I cannot recommend him highly enough and have gained a good friend and will see him when I come back to Nepal.


Comments: Nagarkot 24km Trek filled with History and heaps of FUN!!

1000% recommended!! This was an amazing day trek and our guide Gyanendra was incredibly accommodating and helping us adjust our itinerary. Additionally, during the trip he showed us historical sites and took us through villages and gave us a taste of the culture, to the point where my nephew payed soccer with a group of kids, that was cool!

Gyanendra takes enormous pride not just in his service but truly listens to what you wants to provide you with an unforgettable experience and i look forward to catching up with him again when i'm in Nepal!!



Everest Mountain Flight and Nagarkot Hikking. Oct 20 2017.

36: Natalia, Philip, Benjamin, Lesley, From UK.

Everest Mountain Flight and Nagarkot Hikking. Oct 20 2017.


37: Jesper and Jensager From Denmark.

Langtang Gosainkunda Trekking. Oct 14 2017.

Trek - Langtang Valley / Gosainkunda

We have completed a trek to Langtang Valley and Gosainkunda with Adventure Treks Nepal.

We received excellent support from the very beginning when mailing questions to Adventure Treks Nepal trying to evaluate the various trekking options. Our itenerary included a day trip with guide to various sights in Kathmandu - an excellent guide made this a memorable experience. We did the trek (2 persons) with a guide and a porter which basically meant that we did not have to worry about arrangements - route/accommodation/jeep to starting point etc. but could focus on the walk and enjoying the beautiful sights.

We can highly recommend Adventure Treks Nepal as an organizer as they are really friendly and highly professional - the kind of organizer you want to do "once in a lifetime adventures".

Two trekking companions from Denmark.

38: Bernhard, Hanni and Ulrike from Germany.
Langtang Gosainkunda Chisapani Trekking. Oct 13 2017.

We are back from our third Trekking-Tour with Adventure Treks Nepal from Langtang, Goisankunda and Helambu. Before in 2004 around Annapurna and in 2006 to EBC. From the preparation phase and the performance we had professionally contact, guide and porters. My wife and I recommend this company for all trekking tours and voyages in Nepal and around.
Bernhard and Ulrike Heck

39: Eva and Anna
Kathmandu Pokhara Cultural Tour. Nov 01 2017.

We can highly recommend Adventure Treks Nepal. They have arranged several trips for us in Nepal and also one in Bhutan. Every trip has been well planned and organized. Our guides has always been professional and well educated. Adventure Treks Nepal is very serviceminded. We always feel safe and happy on our adventure trips.

We will let Adventure Treks Nepal arrange next trip too.

Anna and Eva

40: Ulf and Haekan from Sweden
Annapurna Base camp Trekking . Oct 29 2017.


41: Kate and Joel from Australia
Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp Trekking. Oct 20 2017.

Loved every minute of this experience! The pre-planning was made very easy by Gyan who catered for our changing itinerary. We felt very welcome from the moment we arrived up until the moment we left Nepal. Lalit and Purna, our guide and porter, were fantastic in every aspect of the trip, and we were very sad to leave them at the end. A beautiful piece of the world, made even better by the experience we had. Thank you to the entire team! We would definitely recommend Adventure Treks Nepal, and will use them again!

42: Julia,Alexis and Alexander from Australia
Manaslu Trekking. Oct 28 2017.

We had an amazing time on the 12 day Manaslu Circuit with our guide David. David ensured that we were always well looked after, everything was very well organised and we felt supported throughout the whole trek. We noted David's love of cooking as he would always be in the kitchen helping the guest house staff prepare meals.

The trek was relatively easy to organise as Adventure Trek Nepal staff are very responsive, although there were a few miscommunications that were quickly ironed out upon arrival.

In general, we would highly recommend the Manaslu Circuit as it is much quieter than many of the other major treks (eg. Annapurna) and the scenery is breathtaking and varied. (Julia).

43: Glen, Brett, Lyman, Amy and Brianna from USA
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking. Nov 0 2 2017.

Adventure trek was superb from the moment they picked us up at the craziness that is the Kathmandu airport, throughout the trek and back to the airport! Our guide Bhuwan, and the porters Keel, Khul and Kushal were the very nicest, earnest and hardest working guys you will ever meet! So glad to get to know them and hopefully will be able to keep in touch! Bhuwan would give us lessons every night about the culture, religions and information about the area. He made sure we had reservations at the best tea houses available and planned the route to optimize our experience! Gyan was professional and has a well run company that prides itself on treating their customers well ! (Glen).

Comments: Adventure Treks Nepal did a fabulous job for us. They did everything they promised and more. Gyan had everything set up so there wasn't a single glitch. Our guide, Bhuwan, spoke English well, and was well connected with the Tea house owners along our route. All our Tea house reservations were honored. He is also a cultural guide, so he gave us nightly talks about Nepal. Our porters were terrific, not only did they haul our gear, but they were great to hang out with when we weren't hiking. Our porters told us that this is a good company to work for. A beautiful country with beautiful people. (Brett).

Trip of a lifetime: My husband and I join 3 friends on a 10 day trek to Annapurna base camp. Adventure Treks Nepal was a great company to work with and had perfect communication and went above and beyond in every detail.We loved our guide who became a great friend, and the porters were so gracious and nice. I was nervous about booking long distance, but everything was perfect. This company is so much better than others we spoke with, including planning a 45 flight rather than a 8 hour bus trip to start for about the same cost. I would book again with this company and strongly recommend.(Amy).

Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Our trek to Annapurna Base Camp could not have been more perfect. From the moment we went with Adventure Treks Nepal we had great communication and support. Gyan, whom we had been in communication with since booking, met us at the Katmandu airport at almost midnight to got us to the hotel. He was there to see us off on our final day as well. Great personal touch and truly a friend.

Our guide was phenomenal and took care of absolutely everything during the trek, but also was very well spoken and educated. Each night after trekking around dinnertime we were treated to learning about the culture, religions, societal casts, history, and the mountains we were trekking through as well as any other questions we had- way more than we were expecting.

Our porters were very friendly and attentive and fun to be around. We even got to dance with some of them at an impromptu dance-party which was a blast. If one of them is wicked good at Cribbage - don't blame us!! It was a sad goodbye when we parted ways with both the guide and the porters as all had become very dear friends.

On our day out Gyan met us for breakfast and wished us safe journeys home.

Overall, our experience with Adventure Treks Nepal was absolutely fantastic and above the service I was expecting to receive. We left Nepal with incredible memories (and many photos shared by our guide), a newfound knowledge of the culture, religions, and history of the region, and new friends (the guide and porters) we hope to keep in touch with for many years. (Lyman).

Comments: In November 2017 five of us flew to Nepal for a trek to Annapurna Base camp with Adventure Treks Nepal (ATN). ATN provided outstanding service. From making reservations, to transportation within the country, to assuring our nightly lodging and meals, to coaxing us through some long days they did everything they said they would and more. Our guide and porters were in a word, fantastic. They worked hard to keep us happy, comfortable and safe. I highly recommend Adventure Trek Nepal and hope to use their services again in the future.
Sincerely, Brianna.

44: Douglas, Eric, Bryan and David from USA.
Everest Base Camp Trekking. Oct 25 2017.


45: Flavia and Massimo from Italy.
Everest Base Camp Trekking. Nov 08 2017.


46: Espen from Norway.
Everest Chola Pass and Base Camp Trekking. Nov 08 2017.


47: Samantha, Nichole, Kyla and Narelle from Australia.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking. Nov 21 2017.

Ghorepani / Poonhill Trek

AmaZing Trip!!! Guide Gynandera was very knowledgeable and accomodating to any requests we had, always friendly and made sure we were happy and comfortable with our food, accomodation and trek. Stayed at the quieter tea houses which is what we wanted as some tea houses are full of very large groups. We wanted to attend the hot springs that wasnt on itinerary and they were very happy to change route so we could get there. Porters Kushal and Kil were legends carrying our bags. Take absolute minimum, they provide duffle bags to fill but these are quite big and you end up taking unnecessary items, could be smaller.

Trek scenery was spectacular, a lot of stairs up and down but that was expected, can go at any pace you like. Definitely recommend Adventure Treks and especially guide Gynandera and porters Kushal and Kil. Enjoy!!!! "Samantha".

48: Dawid and Joanna from Poland.
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking. Nov 24 2017.


49: Keith from UK.
Everest Base Camp Trekking. Nov 30 2017.


50: Frank and Athanasios from Germany and Greece.
Manaslu Trekking . Dec 02 2017.

Best bet in town !

We chose Adventure Treks Nepal for our Manaslu circuit trek. Gyan has been excellent and very quick with responses during our preparation. He answered all questions and tailored our trip perfectly to our needs. Upon arrival in KTM he picked us up at the airport and brought us to our hotel. All permits and needed documents were organized by him, we did not have to worry about anything. We chose to have a guide and a porter for our tour, what I would highly recommend to anyone. It makes hiking much easier, you can focus on the breath taking scenery and also help local people to have an income. We were two and Dave, our guide, as well as Visnu, our porter. The four of us made a great team. Everything was well organized and Dave looked after us at all times. While crossing Larke Pass, I suffered of altitude sickness, Dave was with me at all times and ensured I was OK. When I come back to Nepal, I would chose Adventure Treks Nepal anytime again. "Frank"

51: Moustafa Kevin from USA.
Renjola Pass and Gokyo Trekking. Dec 09 2017.

"Renjo La, Gokyo Lakes, Tengboche Trek".

This company is awesome. Gyan is an excellent communicator. He accommodated our requests to give us the trek of our dreams. Our guide Khem was very knowledgeable and caring. He pointed wildlife encountered throughout our trek. I would highly recommend Adventure Treks Nepal as a reliable outfitter.

Kevin and Moustafa

52: Thalia and Gilian from Newzeland.
Dhampus Sarangkot Trekking . Dec 14 2017.


53: Cecilia and Simon from France and UK.
Everest Basecamp and Gokyo Valley Trekking . Dec 11 2017.


54: Maria and Rasmus from Denmark.
Everest Base Camp Trekking . Dec 18 2017.

"EBC - Like walking with our own family".

The whole experience with Adventure Treks Nepal was like being with family member - we felt very good taken care of and had the time of our lifes.

Our guide, Sangam, was so much more than a guide on our EBC trek. So caring, thoughtful and fun to walk with. We couldn't have done it without him and we're glad to call him a friend today. We didn't share much language with porter, prashant, but developed a nice bond with him throughout the hike.

I would recommend them to any, looking to hike these treks.

Thank you so much guys!

55: Line from Norway.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking and Mountain Bikking. Dec 22 2017.


56: Ahmad, Abouzaid and Abdullah from Egypt.
Rafting, Paragliding and Sarangkot Trekking . Dec 29 2017.


57: Hannah from Australia.
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking . Dec 28 2017.

"Annapurna Base Camp - couldn't have asked for more !"

I recently trekked to Annapurna Base Camp with Adventure Treks Nepal, and couldn't have asked for a better trip. Gyan was very responsive to all correspondence prior to my arrival, and accommodated my date requests despite my last-minute booking. From my arrival in Kathmandu to my departure from Nepal, everything (flights, pick-ups, accommodation, passes) was well organised and made for very easy and comfortable travel. Jit, my guide, was very friendly, competent, and kept me informed of our plans along the trail. The walk itself was wonderful, and the majestic mountains stunningly beautiful. I would highly recommend Adventure Treks for any adventure in Nepal.

"It is not very easy to Choose a Trekking Company because there are more then two thousand trekking companies in Nepal. We have some feed back from our past clients. If you like to contact them we are happy to forward their details"


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