Jungle Safari

With nine national parks, four wildlife reserves and three conservation areas, Nepal is a perfect travel destination to people wanting to learn about the wildlife and different types of unique flora and fauna that this small nation holds. In Nepal lowland, commonly referred to as the "Terai" region, there are dense forests which are home to different types of wildlife animals and birds such as Tiger, Bear, Deer, Peacock, Wild Buffalo, Fox, and many more.

Some of our National Park is home to a much endangered one horned Rhino which is only found in Nepal. The Government of Nepal has turned these National Parks into some of the major tourist destinations which is uplifting the local people by creating many employment opportunities.

Different Activities are planned and organized for nature enthusiastic travelers who have a will to get deep into the jungle and know about the animals found there. Adventure Treks Nepal has been operating various jungle activities especially in Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park since the past three decades which has offered our clients more ideas about the wildlife and how Nepal is conserving its wildlife especially from Global warming and Poachers.

Chitwan Jungle Safari 3 days
3 Days

Chitwan Jungle Safari - 3 Days

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