Bhote Koshi is another popular River for rafting in Nepal that originates in the Tibetan Plateau and flows into Nepal through Sino - Nepal Border and later joins Sun Koshi River. Bhote Koshi River is also part of Koshi River System of Nepal.

    Bhote Koshi is a challenging river with rapids up to Grade 5. This river is a wonderland for rapid lovers and action begins as soon as you step into the river. People with no experience of rafting might feel uncomfortable in the initial stage but as you spend more time in the river you will be relaxed by the untouched sceneries that the journey unfolds.

    Paddling in Bhote Koshi River is loved by everyone and is a go to place for travelers who have less time with them but still want to experience the thrilling experience of riding high rapids. Participants of Bhote Koshi River rafting have always felt a boost in their confidence and will to achieve new heights after completing this breathtaking white water experience.

    This exciting one day thrilling journey takes place approximately 70 km northeast of Kathmandu. Adventure Treks Nepal will assist you to get to the starting point of this enchanting exposure and drop you to Kathmandu without any hassle.

    What do we provide during Bhote Koshi River Rafting?

    • Raft to be used during your travel period.
    • Safety Kayak incase of 5 or more people
    • Experience River Guide with more than 20 years running down these rapids.
    • All necessary equipment such as paddles, helmets, life jacket and first aid kit for the rafting.
    • Both ways of transportation in private vehicles.

    Things you need to bring for rafting in Bhote Koshi River

    • T shirt and half pants (shorts) for rafting.
    • Slippers or sandals that can get wet and be at your feet while you paddle your way through high rapids
    • Sunglasses, Sunscreen and Lip Guards
    • Some cash in local currency for private expenses and tipping.
    • Your Personal stuff for the night such as spare clothes.
    Essential Information
    • Season Grading Water Volume
    • Season: January - May, 4+ Water Volume40 cumecs
    • Season: June - August, Lower section only Gradiing 4+ Water Volume Approx 180 cumecs
    • Season: September- December, Gradiing 5- Water Volume Approx.100 - 50 cumecs